Come Return To Eden, HHC


We are so pleased  to offer you a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental place where you can unload, kick your shoes off and take some time away from your busy schedule!  It's time to give you the support you need to heal and restore the authentic, beautiful woman that you are and were created to be!  So many women are used to taking care of everyone else.  It can be hard to pause for a moment and take care of yourself. 

Sickness and disease do not just appear overnight.  It usually occurs over a long period of time and quite often we can pinpoint why it developed.  Then we can create a personal plan for you to begin healing on every level. 


How can you effectively take care of others or fulfill your life's passion if you are sick, battling a disease, or just plain running on empty? 





We counsel,  teach, and inspire you to become all you were created to be! We understand who you are and how you manage your life directly affects how, when and why you eat. Your cravings, symptoms and illness is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. We work with you to understand what your body is saying and discover what changes are needed. We create a simple plan of correction by deconstructing your cravings and eating patterns while working towards healing the whole person, body, soul and spirit. We combine healing foods and herbs for the body, healing and nourishment for the soul, along with strengthening the spirit. When all three areas are addressed the results are phenomenal!  

It’s time to remember that you have value and you matter! It is our passion and our privilege to lovingly support and guide you on your path to heal, happiness and vibrant living!

We would be honored to assist you!