Success Stories From Working With Pamela Joy

Jeanne Carter

Pam is truly an excellent trainer and person. She teaches the perfect combination of mind, spirit and body wellness. Pam is skilled, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and a pleasure to train with and talk to. She taught me how simple little changes in my daily routine would make me achieve the results that I have been looking for.   

Words can’t express what I feel about the life lessons Pam has taught me, which transformed me into the person I want to be. A person who doesn’t hold the weight on her shoulders, who talks about how they are feeling, and a person who by listening to Pam’s nutritional advice would lose the extra baggage I’ve been carrying. Pam was very patient, loving and caring and had a wonderful listening ear. She helped me believe in myself and that I could achieve any goal I set my mind to. 

Gina Caponi

I was very aware of the fact that I was suffering physically, mentally and emotionally.  I tried continuously to help myself and change the present conditions that I was living in. Whether I was ignorant of the knowledge necessary to change or lacked discipline - I felt stuck in a circular pattern that completely dominated most of my adult life.  When I reached out to Pam, I was 48 years old, but felt more like 65. I had little to no energy, suffered with severe pain in my lower back and experienced multiple stomach and digestion issues on a regular basis.  I was told by doctors that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and multiple herniated and bulging discs in my lower spine and neck. Everyday chores were extremely difficult to accomplish, and I was taken out of work several times on disability due to my back limitations. My stress level was high, and I felt desperate for change.

Pam’s counsel allowed me to begin taking my life back.  She taught me that my issues were not rooted in my body (physical) as I believed, but rather in my soul (mentally and emotionally).  Pam helped me to understand that the trauma I had experienced in my childhood, left me believing things about myself that were simply untrue.  This belief system derived from trauma unresolved deep within my inner man, which in turn, began to manifest in my body as physical ailments. 

As I continued to trust Pam’s guidance, she helped me expose the lies and face them head on.  After doing so, I learned to replace the unloving lies with the truth of God’s Word; which was that I was loved and accepted just as I am, first by God Almighty and then by myself. As my perception changed, so did my physical body.  The pain in my stomach and back began to subside.  I was accepting of myself as I believed I was and not as others would want me to be.  This truth amazed me!  Love was healing me, and I didn’t need to take any pills to make it happen. Today, when any of the symptoms arise, they act as a warning signal that something in my thinking is off and needs adjustment. If I come out of the place of loving myself, or if I feel condemned, I readjust myself and begin to feel better again. 

     This journey that I have been on with Pam has brought joy and expectation back into my life.  I have hope of a better, healthier present and future.   I am so grateful to God, the Father for using Pam to teach me of His great love for me. All I need is found in His Son, Jesus Christ who is love, and His love is very evident in Pam. She is a beautiful woman, both inside and out.  Her heart is genuine, and she truly cares for the clients she works with. Pam is patient, kind and longsuffering. I strongly recommend working with her and learning how to Return to Eden. 

Leema Thomas

Pam Donnelly has been a godsend. She came into my life at a time when I was in  excruciating pain, stemming from herniated disc-related issues and I was looking for a natural way to help mitigate my pain through dietary changes.

Since our first conversation, Pam made it clear to me the importance of this Biblical verse: "Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers." She drove home the point that my body, mind and spirit were all connected and I needed to address all these aspects of my life.

 Through Pam's counseling, wealth of knowledge and expertise in nutrition and health, and her emotional and spiritual encouragement, we were able to look beyond the structural causes of my pain and assess the changes I needed to make to relieve and manage stress and pain. A few changes I made include avoiding gluten, sugar and dairy and switching to a holistic, plant-based and green diet, including adding some supplements to complement my nutritional needs. Pam's essential-oil-based massages also have been refreshing and beneficial to my overall health and well-being. For about a half year now since I first started counseling with Pam, I have been able to stay away from pain relievers, which I had relied upon in the past. I have learned to listen to my body and be sensitive to its needs. I am also able to better manage stress and pain.


 Pam continues to guide and help me make the necessary dietary and mental adjustments I need to make as I journey toward better health. She has been a blessing to me and cheers me along this holistic path I am pursuing.

Krys Ray

I am overjoyed by my growth with Return to Eden.  When I began with the coaching sessions, I felt so many different things for so many different reasons and I didn't know how to identify any of them.  I was a Christian and thought I knew my calling but didn't feel worthy of what I been entrusted with.  During the sessions, I was offered the ability to switch the way I thought about things while continually seeking God.  This experience has offered me so much more than changing my point of view, I found my voice.  For me Come return to Eden has offered me a safe place for transformation and to see my ability to shift my views about my relationship with my creator, my husband, my son and other family.  I have found strength where I thought I was weak and realized that I am worth everything God said I am.  Thank you so much.

Esther Rogers

Return To Eden has helped me to cultivate the soil in my mind and heart.  To understand that the actions I take and the results I am looking for become “discovered and unlocked.”  Return To Eden has helped me to establish an “aggressive active approach” to prepare for my destiny by becoming “mindful” of the hidden roadblocks (subconscious thoughts that hinder) my progress.  Also my heart soil, by learning to honor what my heart is saying.  Pamela’s gift of excellence, seeing in the Spirit, and waiting on God makes being at Return To Eden a safe place to hang your hat, spill the beans and pick up the pieces.  

These sessions with Pamela are like Target Practice  [goggles on, gun aimed and ready, on task, on target onto triumph.]  Having a safe place to pour out my heart releases an ability to get to the “bottom of the matter.”  Then the application of wisdom and knowledge from each session gives strength, and muscle is being developed.   My muscle of hearing God and not being triggered by my “old script” was developed.  I can now stand without being blown down.  You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  

Return To Eden has this atmospheric disposition of receiving “in the Spirit.”  Praise and prayer have strengthened my spiritual muscle.  A “come alongside” approach from Pamela brings comfort while climbing out of rags and rubble.  The gift of discernment that Pamela applies during the session is a comfort to me because at times I have not had the safety of “authority" with a God-given discernment.


 Return To Eden helped me to step into my original position.  Be true to myself no matter what is going on around me, or what people are saying, Pamela has the key or a key to “The Ancient Doors” for the corporate Body of Christ to return to their roots, repent, realign and redeem the purposes of God for their lives.  No matter what has occurred individually or corporately or historically there is a call to give God the Glory, the Honor, and the Praise.

Thomas Nixon

Return to Eden has changed my life in several ways.  I have developed a greater respect for my body.  I no longer get heartburn and now have plenty of energy.  I always feel strong even when I am lacking a great deal of sleep from very busy seasons in my life.  This program has helped me overcome poor food choices and I have defeated many addictive and unhealthy cravings.  I have now experienced that eating healthy produces healthy thinking.  I do believe that I would not feel this healthy if I did not receive the knowledge I did from Return To Eden.  I can truly say I will be forever thankful.

Nancy Demonte

I suffered from allergies, anxiety, chronic back pain, palpitations, weakness and insomnia.  Pamela has taught me how to respect my body and to respect food.  I now understand how God created me.  I’ve learned how my body works and that’s important to me.  To e everyone.  I was getting stressed running to doctors who did not know what was wrong with me.  I never knew how vital and healing vitamins and living foods were for my body.  I’d rather have this than prescription drugs, anytime, anyday!

Joan fields

Pam you have helped me each step of the way by encouraging me with your invitation to sit back and communicate from your heart you have helped to make a bridge from where I am to where I am heading.

Diane Spicer

We are grateful that you have helped our family get back on the right nutritional track.  May you be blessed.